Chevy 4WD And All Wheel Drive Vehicles

Arctic temperatures, heavy snowfalls, frozen ice patches, heavy rain and winds are just a few of the conditions North Dakota drivers face on a regular basis. We’ve become pros at handling rough roads and slick streets, experts at getting to our destinations through snow drifts and lightning, and navigating whatever Mother Nature throws in our path.

Chevy AWD & 4WD Vehicles at Ryan Chevrolet

The Ryan Chevrolet neighbors from Minot, Bismarck, and Williston are very familiar with everything North Dakota can throw at them. And that’s why they come to see us to get the perfect Chevy 4WD vehicle to make driving in North Dakota a safe adventure. Chevy all-wheel drive cars and trucks present the perfect solution to tough problems – they offer stability and control in uncertain situations, extra safety for the passengers inside, and peace of mind to know that no matter what comes your way, Chevrolet 4WD vehicles won’t let you down.

AWD VS 4WD: What Are The Main Differences?

When comparing all-wheel drive vs. 4 wheel drive are very similar in function. However, where they differ is just how they go about engaging the four wheels of the vehicle, and each has pros and cons when it comes to the conditions the vehicle is facing.

Four-wheel drive, also known as a 4×4, is a system that sends power to each wheel for maximum traction. It works through a transfer case that splits power between the front and rear axles so that maximum torque is going to each wheel. New Chevy 4WD cars and trucks ensure that each wheel turns at the same speed which is great for navigating rough terrain, but can presents issues for things like turning when the inside wheel has to turn more slowly than the outside wheel, which is covering more ground.

4WD Pros

  • Best traction in off-road conditions
  • Can be turned off to improve fuel economy
  • Proven, rugged technology

4WD Cons

  • Adds weight and complexity to cars
  • Can’t be used in all conditions
  • More expensive than two wheel drive models

The Most Common Way Executing

Chevy all-wheel-drive, vs. 4 wheel drive, is a much more recent innovation in modern cars. A popular maxim or rule of thumb to go by in the difference between the two drive systems, is AWD is more of a “car” system while 4WD is the “truck” system. An AWD drive system is on all the time, and there are two types of all-wheel drive: mechanical and electronic.

AWD Pros

  • Provides increased grip and control under all road conditions
  • Gives sportier handling and traction to a broader range of cars
  • Works all the time

AWD Cons

  • Reduces Fuel Economy
  • Increases the weight and complexity of vehicles
  • Not as good in extreme off-road conditions

The most common way executing a mechanical AWD system is by using three differentials, which sends power to the wheels with the most traction by splitting power between the front and rear axles on the center differential, and the individual wheels by way of the front and rear differentials. AWD isn’t quite as robust as Chevy 4 wheel drive and it can’t match the same levels of traction in extremely low-speed off-roading that some 4WD systems provide. But AWD does provide better fuel economy and driving efficiency given the “always on” feature.

Ryan Chevrolet Four Wheel And All Wheel Drive Vehicles For Sale

Ryan Chevrolet has many Chevrolet four-wheel drive vehicles as well as all-wheel-drive cars for sale. We have tons of Chevy trucks with 4WD capabilities on our lots. We have many 4WD Chevy trucks for sale including:

Ryan Chevrolet also has a huge inventory of Chevrolet all-wheel-drive vehicles such as new SUVs like the Chevy Equinox or fuel-efficient Chevrolet Traverse.

Chevy AWD vs. 4WD at Ryan Chevrolet

Take the next step to find out the AWD vs. 4WD difference with our team at Ryan Chevrolet. No matter which Chevrolet four-wheel drive car, truck, or SUV you have your eye on, make sure to get to Ryan Chevrolet in Minot, ND to take one for a test drive today. We also offer new vehicle specials to help drivers save on their favorite models.

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