What Are the Benefits of OEM Chevy Parts?

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You may be wondering, “What are OEM parts?” OEM, or “original equipment manufacturer” parts are made by the manufacturer—or, in this case, Chevrolet specifically. OEM parts are made using the same materials as the parts your Chevy was built with. This means they will fit perfectly. And though they are more expensive than aftermarket parts, they offer greater reliability. Learn more about the benefits of Chevrolet parts/Chevrolet OEM parts and accessories with us at Ryan Chevrolet.

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

Aftermarket parts are made by a third-party manufacturer or a company other than Chevy. These types of parts are built at a higher volume and are designed to fit the specifications of a wide range of cars from different manufacturers, not just Chevrolet vehicles. And while they are cheaper, they won’t fit as they should.

It’s recommended drivers avoid these parts because of the mediocre fit. While aftermarket parts can seem like a great deal at the moment, they don’t meet OEM quality standards and often last a lot shorter than high-quality parts do.

Chevy OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Still wondering whether you should choose OEM Chevy parts or aftermarket parts for your Chevy vehicle? In addition to the quality of these parts, there are a few other reasons to choose OEM Chevrolet parts and accessories. These include:

  • Less Overwhelming Selection: Whether you’re shopping for a replacement part or special performance parts, you won’t have to worry about comparing quality and price. You’ll get the appropriate part at a reasonable price without all the second-guessing.
  • Warranty Coverage: OEM GM parts and OEM Chevy parts are covered with a Limited Parts Warranty. Using an aftermarket part could jeopardize your warranty coverage if it can be proven that the part caused damage to your vehicle.

Shop Chevrolet Parts Near Belcourt

At Ryan Chevrolet, we have plenty of new Chevrolet parts and accessories in stock. No matter if you’re in need of brake pads, shocks, or performance parts, we can help. Need assistance with installation? Our service team can help. And with our available parts specials and service coupons, drivers can save even more on the parts and services needed. Browse our parts, order parts online, and learn more about the Chevy Silverado configurations. We can also help you choose a gas vs. diesel engine so you can go the distance with a vehicle that’s powerful enough for your needs. We ought to tell you that we have Chevrolet Corvette parts for sale! Visit us today to get what you need for your vehicle!

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